Hair length guide: (Haircuts are by length NOT gender): Basic Short Haircut: 3/4 week cycle, no crazy specifications. Can be explained using a clipper guard number. HAIR IS ABOVE THE EAR. Short Specialty Haircut: Very intricate requests, custom to you. HAIR IS ALSO ABOVE THE EAR. Medium Haircut: Length range is from bottom of the ear lobe to the top of shoulder. Long Haircut: Anything BELOW the shoulder. Massive Long Haircut: Anything excessively long, (hovering not far above your butt) or someone with extremely thick hair. Buzzcut: A complete clipper cut, no use of scissors. Line-Up: just a clean up around the hairline. Bang trim: A clean up of the bags you already have or this service can be used to clean up undercuts. PLEASE BOOK ACCORDING TO THE HAIR LENGTH YOU CURRENTLY HAVE.


Let our expert colorists give you the hair color you've always dreamed of.


Don't forget to take care of that facial hair! From stubble to fuzz, mustache to Santa Claus, we will trim/shave and condition your chin sprouts!


We use and sell non-toxic vegan hair care products by Neuma. We also sell Beard Balm, made right here in Corktown!